The new 'economy' ?

The true colours of the world are only going to be revealed when we all give what is ours fully and freely. Opening ourselves up to new ideas and solutions that are not financially driven.. but driven by the creative urges and passions of people living true to themselves. Welcome to the era of the creative…and a new planet entirely!

I believe that we are all more and more frustrated by the upside down economic system where money has moved from being a tool for convenient exchange to driver of how we do life. Where money is put before the social, health, emotional, environmental needs of people.

And it also effects all of our relationships… the exchanged based system (money or otherwise) has left us feeling that we need to receive something back for everything we give.. and if not we feel resentful. You notice it even in social interactions that have become about what can you get from this situation or these people. Networking gone mad!

For myself, I am more and more uncomfortable with this. I have the desire to truly open up all my gifts to the world and to give them freely without the ties of direct exchange and the expectations of others (who, for example, might be paying me for a service). To see what it is I can really achieve in full freedom. And when I have done this.. it feels great!

And imagine if we all did this… free giving, free receiving.. full creativity. And opening up to the trust of knowing you will create everything you desire for yourself when you do this. Beyond logic, beyond thought, to the ease of quantum creation in its truest form. Where you attract what you desire even before you know what it is consciously.

So those are my thoughts of recent weeks, and I am playing with this theme – free giving from my own truth - in my life. And this means being true to me.. not going against myself to give everything expected of me from others!! Call it an experiment in creation and of course the open source communities have been playing a similar game for ages!